IFP Humanitarian Studies consists of 11  professional Divisions and the Language Training Center.

Division for WaSH

The Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WaSH) Division develops Humanitarian global leaders dedicated to improve the lives and health of people everywhere. Our Division is training future generations of water, sanitation, and global health experts and building the capacity of developing country institutions.

Division For Gender Equality

Division For Gender Equality develops global leaders dedicated to improving equality between men and women, and also women’s empowerment.

Division For Child Protection

Division For Child Protection  is to equip professionals to :

Identify relevant social, economic, legal, and cultural issues affecting the protection of children.                                                                  Build a stronger child protection evidence base by engaging in more rigorous research, monitoring, evaluation, and use of data and gain the competencies.

Division For Education

Division For Education is working to improve opportunities and outcomes for all learners by putting powerful ideas around education into practice.


Division For Food Security & Agricultural Livelihoods

Food Security & Agricultural Livelihoods  Division is training students who pursue careers in the field of Food and Agricultural to be able to tackle the injustice of food insecurity and hunger, underlying policies, and power imbalances that keep people in poverty.

Division For Migration Studies

Our Migration Studies Division is challenging Students not only to study migration critically but also to develop a lens through which you can examine the role of mobility in every area of study and every story in the news. Doing so reveals a range of novel questions and innovative answers to many of the biggest challenges facing us as humans, and facing our planet as a whole.

Division For Projects

Our Division For Project comprises the following two Sections:
Program coordinator Section,
Grants and Fundraising Section.

Division For Wildlife & Conservation Management

Division For Wildlife & Conservation Management educates leaders to protect populations of some of the world’s most ecologically, economically, and culturally important species—the survival of which are threatened by poaching, illegal trade and habitat loss.

Division For Information System

Division For Information System is an inclusive community of dedicated problem-solvers using data to address the most pressing issues of our time in the Humanitarian field.


Digital Division

Our Digital Division comprises the following two Sections:
Social Media Section,
Content Writing Section.

Extension Division

IFP-HS Extension Division is a global community of lifelong learners committed to building skills and expanding knowledge.

Language Training Center

Our Language Training center offers four types of programs necessary for your success in the Humanitarian field: English program, French Program, Spanish program, and Arabic program.
AT LTC will help hone your skills and increase your confidence by using the English language or any other language in both professional and individual settings.